Funkyheat bathroom heated mirror

Introducing from Italy a fabulous new Heater Mirror for Bathrooms

Bathroom Heating with Style, Efficiency & Comfort…

Funkyheat are proud to present a new bathroom product that heats not only the Mirror but the whole bathroom by Infrared. There is no need for additional heating so space can be gained, especially in smaller bathrooms. After a shower or bath the mirror will be clear of all mist or condensation. Nothing is more annoying that not being able to see your face when you want to in the mirror.

Manufactured in Northern Italy, North of the stunning city of Venice using premium quality Venetian glass. The exceptional aesthetics and design of their bathroom heating mirrors provide an economical way to heat space whilst integrating a high quality bluetooth speaker and LED lighting. The perfect combination for luxuriating in the bathroom.

Funkyheat manufacture by hand, ensuring premium quality and using only the highest quality components, such as exceptional quality Venetian glass. Controls have been developed with you in mind, a simple programmable wireless controller together with a touchscreen pad on the mirror heater itself.

In addition to stunning style, a crystal clear mirror and integrated bluetooth speaker, this bathroom mirror infrared heater will also significantly reduce heating costs, condensation and black spot mould in the bathroom and the necessity for constant mirror cleaning.

The difference between their heater mirror and other bathroom mirrors is that their mirror heats not only the mirror so that it is mist free at all times, but also heats the whole bathroom. No other form of heating is required so no wasted space with radiators taking up wall space.

Bathroom Heating Mirror – Key Features & Benefits:

·         Frameless, copper free crystal clear mirror (700mm x 700mm)

·         Manufactured in Italy using the finest quality Venetian glass

·         Integrated LED lighting for perfect clarity

·         Integrated high quality bluetooth speaker for listening pleasure

·         Wireless remote control for daily/hourly programming

·         Integrated touchscreen controls for additional functionality

·         No mist mirror and full room heating up to 15m3

·         Simple installation and 100% recyclable

·         High efficiency and low energy consumption

·         High output (up to 90C).

·         Shatterproof – 10mm laminated toughened safety glass (UN12600-IBI)


Funkyheat infrared heaters were born out of a desire to combine exceptional aesthetics and design with an economical way to heat space. Theirinfrared heaters were conceived and created from a significant experience in both heating and interior design and combine the best existing technologies with modern design trends. Their stunning infrared heaters are constructed by hand using only the highest quality components, such as premium quality Venetian glass.

The beauty of these touchscreen glass / mirror infrared heaters is that they can be tailored to suit your style. Whether you’d like something simple or subtle or something bespoke that really says who you are. Their stunning infrared heaters are beautifully designed and easy clean. Made from the finest quality Venetian glass; each heater comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.

For more information go to or contact Bathroom Depot Leeds on 0113 276 1100.

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